Business Improvement

Business Improvement District

City of Brodhead BID Map

 BID District Plan

  • Advertising and promotion
  • Christmas lights
  • Planting and upkeep of flowers
  • Maintenance - Building repair and wages for work on buildings in BID District
  • Work with property owners to encourage upgrading

BID Board voting members and terms:               

  1. Doug Pinnow                    2015
  2. Jack Melvin                      2016
  3. Linda Deegan-Adams         2016
  4. Lon Lederman                  2017
  5. Mike Olsen                      2017

Revitalization Committee and terms:

     Nancy Sutherland         2016
     Karna Reicks                2016

City Council Representative:

     Dick Hale


Time:  7:00 PM, Place:  City Hall