Brodhead Command 1



Brodhead Command 1 is a 2009 Ford F-250 XL Super Duty crew-cab pickup truck. It includes multiple radios and an on-board laptop to continuously stay in contact with dispatch, responding emergency vehicles, and on scene crews. This four wheel drive vehicle, which has an open bed, can be used to transport equipment to off road incidents that would have otherwise required the equipment to be transported by hand. This feature is also useful after a large incident, where tools need to be brought back to the station to be cleaned before being returned to their proper locations on the fire trucks. The full size crew cab can be used to transport personnel to and from emergency incidents, as well as training opportunities outside the city of Brodhead. B.C. 1 can be used to pull the trailer used for Brush 9 if Brush 8 is unavailable, but its main duty is for a faster response of the commanding officer and a command post once on scene.