Squad 4
Squad 4 is a custom Pierce Quantum chassis developed specially for use in the fire service with aluminum Heavy Duty Rescue Body. A six-cylinder Caterpillar engine drives Squad 4 with a maximum 525 horsepower and a peak torque rating of 1650 at 1200 rpm. There are five SCBA seats in the back of the cab, allowing firefighters to put on breathing apparatus in route to a call, plus a SCBA seat for the captain and a regular seat for the driver in the front. Squad 4 also has a cascade air bottle filling system allowing SCBA tanks to be filled on the scene of a fire instead of returning to the station. On the front bumper there are pre-connected hydraulic spreaders and cutters used for extrication on the scene of a vehicle accident and a 9,000 pound Warn winch has receivers on all four sides of the truck for vehicle stabilization. An Onan 35kW generator, driven by power takeoff, provides 120 or 240 volt power, which is used to run two roof mounted, telescoping light towers that can extend to fifteen feet (from the top of the truck) and any other electrical equipment that may be needed on a fire or accident scene. Four large hatch compartments on the top of the body allow storage for items rarely used on calls, such as hazmat equipment and four drawers under the body store stabilization blocks and jacks. A twenty-three by eight foot, roll up awning extends off the passenger side of the body for protection from sun or rain on the scene of an incident. Squad 4 stores many unique tools the fire department needs, such as rope rescue supplies, various saws and extrication equipment, EMS supplies, and hazmat gear.

Watch a video of Squad 4 responding on YouTube.