Truck 2

Truck 2 is a 2002 Pierce Quantum with a 470 horsepower Detroit Diesel engine and a steel ladder and platform that can reach up to 100 feet about the ground. The master stream on the platform can be fed using a separate engine to pump or it’s on board Hale pump, which is capable of pumping 2000 gallons per minute. The ladder and master stream can be controlled from the 1000 pound capacity platform or the controls at the bottom of the ladder. Truck 2 also carries rope rescue equipment and ground ladders, ranging in length from ten to thirty-five feet. There are five computer screens that show all the information about Truck 2 at any given time, including platform height, platform load, leg stability, and pump information. The cab can hold four firefighters, a driver, and an officer, who are usually involved in ventilation, search and rescue, or high angle water suppression on a fire scene.