Municipal Court

Court Office Hours

The Municipal Clerk is in the Court Office the following days and times:

Monday 10a-5p

Wednesday 10a-5p

Payments may be made by mail, in person at Brodhead Police Department (24 hours) or at the Brodhead City Hall M - F, 9a - 5p. You must know what you owe and have a copy of your citation.  The Police Department and City Hall do not have access to that information.

I check my voice and emails each Monday and Wednesday so please leave me a voice message at 897-4176 or email at


Q:  Ignition Interlock Devices

Q:  Where do I pay my fine?
If you are sending the money the address is Brodhead Municipal Court, PO Box 168, Brodhead, WI 53520. If you are paying in person you MUST go to the Police Department and you should have a copy of what you owe as the Police Department records are not connected with the Brodhead Municipal Court so they will not know your fine amount or balance due.  If you are paying in cash you must have the correct amount.   You may pay with a Wisconsin check but if you have had citations for Worthless Checks you have to pay by Money Order, Cashiers Check or Cash only!  If you are suspended and are paying your fine to get your license reinstated you MUST PAY WITH MONEY ORDER, CASHIERS CHECK,  OR CASH ONLY OR CREDIT/DEBIT CARD. 

Q:  How do I find the Calendar of Court Dates and Access the Links
If you are looking for a list of upcoming Court Dates, click on Court Calendar. You can scroll from month to month. I have now downloaded "Links" to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for easier reference on certain subjects. If you would like to see other Links, please contact me. Ellyn Popanz, Court Clerk.

Q:  When am I considered an adult?
Any violation involving a subject age 17 and over is considered an adult except for the charges of Truancy, Tobacco Violation and Curfew.

Q:  If I have more than one fine to pay can I decide which one to pay first?
When you have more than one fine to pay or any restitution to pay on a certain case, any money you pay will be applied to the restitution first and then the oldest fine 2nd.

Q:  Do I have to appear in court?
No, only if your violation is a MANDATORY APPEARANCE, which should be marked on your citation or if there is restitution involved or Damage to Property, or Worthless Checks.

Q:  What happens if it is "Mandatory" and I do not appear?
You could be found guilty by default and/or the Judge can issue a Warrant for your arrest and jailing until he can see you.

Q:  What happens if it is not mandatory and I don't appear?
You will be found Guilty by default and by STATUTE you have 60 days to pay the fine.

Q:  How do I go about paying my fine before my court date?
You can pay your fine by check (WI check only) or cash or money order or Credit/Debit card 24 hours at the Brodhead Police Department at 1004 W. Exchange St. in Brodhead or pay online, or mail it to Brodhead Municipal Court at PO Box 168, Brodhead, WI 53520. You will only get a receipt if you include a self-addressed stamped envelope. If you have posted a cash deposit and fail to appear in Court, the cash bond would be applied towards your fine.

Q:  If I am already suspended for failure to pay a fine what do I do to get my license back?
You have to pay the fine at the agency you were suspended at. You have to get a receipt showing the fine is paid in full. MAKE SURE THE CITATION NUMBER IS ON THE RECEIPT.  You then take that to a DOT center and get reinstated. I believe there is a $60.00 reinstatement fee you have to pay before you get your license back. It is NOT IMMEDIATE REINSTATEMENT OF YOUR LICENSE when you pay your fine. If you don't have a receipt or cannot find it,  once the Court sends the payment information to DOT you can go online  at WI Dept. of Trans. to pay your reinstatement fee online.

Q:  The arresting officer did not read me my Miranda rights?
The Miranda Warning are only required to be read to a person who is being arrested for a CRIME. Municipal Courts do not hear CRIMINAL violations.
Q:  I can't find the answer to my question in this section
  A: You may call the Municipal Court phone number and leave a message and I will get back to you.