Brodhead Elderly Emergency Monitoring System (BEEMS)

The BEEMS program is similar to other emergency monitoring and notifications systems allowing clients to remotely summon police services during emergencies at the touch of button.

The monthly cost of the BEEMS service is $15.00. This includes all equipment and monthly maintenance.

To allow for timely response and due to law enforcement jurisdictional restrictions BEEMS services are currently offered to persons residing in the corporate limits of Brodhead or within 2 miles of the corporate limits (West of the Green/Rock county line).

**In the past, we have restricted the program to people using Frontier as their phone service.  We have just recently started accepting Charter internet phone service if the client is willing to sign a waiver of liability.  Please call us at 608-897-2112 for more information regarding this. 

How does BEEMS Work?

BEEMS consists of the rental of a phone unit that is attached to your current phone system at your residence and a pendant that you wear constantly around your neck or pinned to your shirt. The pendant has a small indented button on it which you will push when you need assistance such as a medical emergency, fire, suspicious noise.

When you press the alarm button, an alarm is activated and the BEEMS unit will immediately dial the 9-1-1 number which is programmed into the unit. The alarm will sound until the 9-1-1 Dispatcher answers the incoming call. At the 9-1-1 Center your name and address will immediately come up on the 9-1-1 monitor screen telling the dispatcher exactly who is calling.

The 9-1-1 Dispatcher will also hear a pre-recorded message telling the Dispatcher who is calling and a patrol unit is dispatched to your residence. The dispatcher then monitors your residence over the phone line. The Dispatcher will be able to hear you so you can inform them what the problem is; Fallen; Sick; Fire, etc.

If the problem is medical or fire, the 9-1-1 Dispatcher will immediately dispatch the appropriate agency to respond to your aid. Upon arrival the officer will gain entry to your residence by use of a highly secure key box which is located outside your residence.

Regardless of the problem an officer always responds and unlocks your residence and begins assistance until arrival of ambulance personnel or fire fighters.

How do I get BEEMS?

If you are in the BEEMS service area contact the Brodhead Police Department at (608) 897-2112 for more information.