Community Service Officer Program Overview

The Community Service Officer (CSO) Program provides a unique opportunity for Criminal Justice and Police Science students to learn the workings of a law enforcement department.

The CSO program was implemented in 1989 and has provided a ‘learn while you earn’ opportunity for college students. The Program is open to all Criminal Justice and Police Science students who are actively pursuing a degree and career in the Law Enforcement field.

CSO's are a valuable asset to the community; they provide the Brodhead Police Department with law enforcement support services for special events, traffic control, bicycle patrol, security services, community outreach, maintaining Brodhead Elderly Emergency Monitoring System (BEEMS) equipment, assisting in police calls, and working on special projects. A great deal of the support work performed by CSO's "frees up" police officers to focus on duties most appropriately handled by sworn police officers.

CSO Recruitment

About twice yearly the program is opened up to new CSO applicants. Announcements for openings are posted in local papers, WILENET, and at area colleges. The most common questions asked by perspective interns include:

How will the CSO program Help my Law Enforcement Career?

Brodhead Police CSOs perform duties and functions that translate directly into substantial and relevant experience on any law enforcement resume. Experience gained as CSO will have a positive impact throughout your law enforcement career.

The ranks of CSO alumni are impressive and include: police officers, deputy sheriffs, corrections and jail officers, police supervisors, police administrators, state law enforcement officials, and federal law enforcement agents.

In addition to hands on experience as a CSO's you may accompany police officers on ride alongs and train along side officers during some departmental training sessions.

As a CSO's how would I help the City of Brodhead?

Community Service Officers perform a wide variety of duties providing direct and indirect support to law enforcement operations. The primary duties of CSO’s are to install, maintain, and under the direction of a police officer manage equipment of the BEEMS program.

Other duties carried out by CSOs ensure that fewer sworn officers are drawn from their primary law enforcement duties into logistics or support roles during critical incidents, disasters, and large scale community events.

In addition to BEEMS work CSO's can expect to perform other duties including:

  • Bicycle patrol
  • Working special projects
  • Providing security and logistics support during major incidents
  • Traffic Control
  • Staff work at a command post
  • Supporting special events such as parades and festivals
  • Accompanying sworn officers on prisoner transports
  • Assisting with community outreach programs such as crime prevention
  • Assisting with tours of the police department
  • Monitoring minor code violations.
  • Assisting with squad car and police station maintenance

If you are currently attending College in a Police Science or Criminal Justice major, have weekends and holidays free, are available at flexible hours, have a good driving record, no felony arrests, are a Wisconsin resident, and are eager to learn consider gaining experience as a CSO.

For more information contact Officer Mikel Harding at (608)897-2112, or send us an email at