The library will gratefully accept lightly used books in excellent condition. Many of them will be sold through the Friends of the Library ongoing book sale. Selected items may be added to the library's collection. All proceeds from the Friends book sale are used to enhance the programs and collections of the Brodhead Memorial Public Library.

Welcome Donations

Materials that are most welcome include:

  • Recent fiction/nonfiction books in excellent condition
  • Paperbacks that are like new
  • Children's books
  • Recent best sellers
  • Books on CD, as well as DVDs and BluRay Movie Discs in excellent condition
  • Puzzles in excellent condition

Excluded Materials

Sorry, but due to space and storage limitations, the library cannot accept the following types of materials:

  • Magazines
  • Textbooks
  • Old encyclopedia sets
  • Reader's Digest Condensed Books
  • Books that are more than ten      years old (except local history)
  • Books previously discarded from      libraries
  • Items that are tattered,      yellowed, musty, stained
  • Items that are highlighted,      written in, or that have loose pages
  • Paperbacks that are obviously      worn
  • Computer software and computer      manuals
  • DVDs that have been viewed more      than a few times
  • VHS Movies, cassette tapes,      8-tracks, or vinyl

Your items will be accepted at the Checkout Desk. Donation receipts are available.


Making a monetary donation to the library for the purpose of purchasing new material is also an excellent means of honoring or remembering a loved one. It would be a unique birthday or anniversary gift, or a long-lasting memorial for a deceased person. You may designate the person to be honored or the family member to be notified, if the gift is a memorial. It is very helpful if broad subjects of interest are designated, so that an appropriate item may be selected. The item that is purchased will have a bookplate affixed which indicates both the person being honored and the name of the donor.


Contact the Library Director for more information.