Streets & Sanitation

Streets & Sanitation

Notice: Brodhead Residents

The last brush pick up for this year is October 13th.
If you desire to haul your brush, grass clippings or leaves to the compost area, the extended hours are Monday thru Thursday 9 am to 6 pm. 

NOTICE:  Have all leaves out to the street as soon as possible. Leaves put out after November 15th may be too late for pick up.

You must follow these guidelines or your leaves will not be picked up.

  • This is a pick up for leaves only. No garbage, animal waste, grass, brush, rocks or other foreign items mixed in. Items other than leaves can plug and damage the equipment which you could be liable for.
  • Leaves must be racked to edge of curb or street in wind rows away from trees, posts and other objects. It the machine can’t reach your leaves, they will not be picked up.
  •  Do not put leaves in gutter or in the street. You can receive a citation if you do.
Only material from within the city limits is allowed.

If you have any questions call 897-4384.

Thank You

Brodhead Public Works