Brighten Up Brodhead Program

Regional Housing Study in Progress

The City of Brodhead is working with other municipalities in Green County to have Southwest Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission conduct a housing study. The study, expected to be completed in January 2019, will identify housing needs across southwestern Wisconsin and recommend strategies for future residential developments. The study area is Green, Lafayette, Iowa, Grant, Richland and Crawford counties.

 Specifically, the study will:

•   Map housing needs in Brodhead and other communities in the 6-county area, including affordability, generational trends in housing need, and lot availability

•   Map out what parcels of land fit the housing need, and where development can occur

•  List incentives and financing strategies municipalities can offer to “buy down” the cost of a new home

•  List developers to target as investors into the region, and incentives that may bring them in

•  Provide a long-term strategy for moving renters out of apartments or leased housing and into ownership.

If you have any questions or would like to provide information for this study, please contact Cara Carper, Green County Development Corporation, at 608-328-9452

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