Consider Yourself Invited
Join us in Brodhead for a day, a weekend or just a quick visit anytime of the year.
See what it feels like to Revive. Renew. Live. Breathe. Do.

Revive your senses in the beauty of our community. From water to wildflowers
we’re happy to share our natural, hidden treasures with you.

Stop in for a latte’ at the historic Bullwinkles or Mainstreet Station. Ride the Sugar
River bike trail to Albany or New Glarus, but hurry back to visit our downtown to see
our eclectic mix of antiques, gift shops and restaurants. Visit our area specialty shops for
unique one of a kind products. And don’t forget to eat some of our award-winning
cheeses from Decatur Dairy or pet a goat at a local organic farm. Rest your weary
bones at our local bed and breakfast and an airbnb that treat guests like royalty.

Renew your spirit in the peaceful countryside, hike in the bluffs or take in a canoe or
tube ride down the winding Sugar River or our unique Mill Race/Pearl Island Corridor for quality hiking, biking, and water activities for all ages.

If you like to camp we have wonderful campgrounds, so bring your family and
friends for a fun-filled retreat. There’s plenty to do in Brodhead if you want to get
your feet wet or put a little sweat on your brow. For go-kart fans, visit the
SugarRiver Raceway where some of the racing world’s greatest drivers, like Danica Patrick, got their start.

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Click a link on the tourism section to see a list of things to Do.

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